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Louis and Kathy DeSiena-(Senior Staff)
Senior Leaders

In their many years of serving in the church there was a stirring passion for greater truth. Kingdom revelation came to the DeSiena’s before it was a popular topic at church and a fire started to burn more deeply to see this truth revealed to the church body. Ordained as a prophet and with a heart of a reformer Louis and Kathy began VFR ministries “Voice for Restoration” in 2002 (Now Louis DeSiena Ministries). This began their personal ministry to see Christ’s church raised up in present truth and power.
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Margaret Burk-(Senior Staff)
Senior Associate Leader

With her heart grounded in prayer with a gift of prophetic song, worship and teaching, Margaret was called as a prophet. Her desire for all to know Christ intimately and walk out their lives with uncompromising truth had her soon teaching on some of the more foundational yet revelatory subjects of God. Included in her teachings were; The New Generation of Mystics, Revealing the Mysteries of Dreams, Kings and Priest and the Power of Sound.
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Jerry and Denise Grubb-(Senior Staff)
Pastors/Pastoral Care
Sozo/Inner Healing

We all need help now and then. Jerry and Denise head up the pastoral care at Torch Bearers Church. With a passion to see people get free of the things that hold them back and a strong prophetic gift that enables them to see things hidden, Jerry and Denise are there to help the body get whole.