The Lord spoke to me in a dream and said, "Raise them Up!" I responded with, "Yes Lord." Has the Lord spoken to you about pursuing your calling? Maybe it is time to answer, "Yes Lord.”
Pastor Louis

As I prayed for the blueprints for this, He gave me two tracks for people to travel. One is for the person that wants to take it month to month. The other is for the one who knows that he or she is to be in ministry and wants to waste no time in being trained up. Others did this for me, and I want to help you achieve your fulfillment in your assignment. Pastor Louis

Track One

Track One consist of courses that will last four to eight weeks. You will be able to pick the one that you want. You can skip a track or join a track. There are no requirements for you to attend all of them. Pick the course that interest you and sign up.

Track Two

Track Two is a more aggressive path for those who are looking for full-time ministry. This track will consist of all the first track offers and more. There will be an extra night for those in this path, and you will be on the road for ordination. After two years, you will begin an internship.
When the third year is completed, you will be licensed and endorsed by us. One to two years later you will be ordained.

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Join Louis on Facebook live for the beginning of GSSM. Louis is starting the courses online. The courses are free and you can be a part. Go to Facebook on Tuesday nights at 8 pm.